In Need of a Bathroom Refit in Canberra, Kingston, Woden Valley, or ACT? Contact The Bathroom Company for a Stylish Transformation.

The room was once elegant - the tiles bold, the wallpaper sleek, the brass fixtures trendy. Every choice was sophisticated. Time has been unkind to your bathroom's decor, however, and the space no longer impresses. Every corner is instead trapped in an age long since passed - and you (desperately) want to make a change.

The Bathroom Company understands. This is why we offer bathroom refits to Canberra, bathroom refits to Kingston and bathroom refits to Woden Valley. We deliver smart, fashionable, and stress-free renovations - transforming every home with quality materials and timeless designs. To schedule a consultation contact us today.

The Bathroom Company: About Us

Since 1996, The Bathroom Company has served as the premier bathroom refit provider in ACT and beyond. We recognise the challenges consumers face when attempting renovations. This is why we promote all-inclusive services, guiding each homeowner through the construction process and ensuring tailored designs. We provide stress-free style.

We also promise experience, boasting licenses in ACT and NSW. This enables us to follow all national regulations, fusing every bathroom refit in Canberra and bathroom refit in Kingston with superior results. Schedule a consultation today and redefine every space!

Bathroom Refits in Woden Valley and Beyond: Our Services

Every client is unique. Every bathroom refit in ACT and beyond, therefore, must also be unique - with our team utilising a series of services to provide dynamic (custom) designs. We offer:


Your home shouldn’t merely reflect your design aesthetic. It should also reflect your needs, with every bathroom refit in Canberra promoting convenience and efficiency. Through our consultations we achieve this - directly addressing the issues that are most relevant to your daily life. We accommodate all requirements (including disabilities and child-proofing).


The design process often overwhelms homeowners, pummelling them with endless colours, textures, and splashback choices. To simplify each bathroom refit in Kingston, we guide you through every choice - connecting you to in-house designers and qualified product suppliers. We provide you with the information (and confidence) you need to enhance your space.


A bathroom refit in Woden Valley, Canberra, and beyond demands more than style. It instead requires precision, with all renovations completed to the highest standards. We ensure that your home adheres to all national regulations, with our network of licensed builders completing every: drainage relocation, under-tile heating, wall removal, door replacement, tiling, fixture fitting, and more.

Through these services we expedite the renovation process - providing you with the speed, efficiency, and competent service you deserve.

In Need of a Bathroom Refit in ACT, Kingston, and Beyond? Contact The Bathroom Company.

The room is a collection of styles and trends, and none of them showcase your distinct taste. Let us change this, offering you the ability to revitalise your home. Schedule a consultation with The Bathroom Company today:





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