Stylish and stress-free bathroom renovations in Canberra are beautifully transforming

When you and your husband agreed to tackle your own bathroom renovation in Canberra, it seemed like fun. You'd watched some do-it-yourself videos online and concluded that two bright folks like you could handle a smaller-spaced facelift.

That was two weeks and two pounds of dust ago, and it certainly isn't feeling so fun now. The two of you now hopelessly stand in your bathroom, amidst broken tiles, pulled up flooring and a half-removed tub. Not one instructional video seemed to provide the information you needed to transform this mess into one of those lovely bathrooms posted as an “after” picture across so many sites that’d made it look so easy.

Relax and call on us to help you with your bathroom renovations in Canberra

You needn't worry! The Bathroom Company has over twenty years of experience in bathroom design and bathroom renovation in Canberra. We understand that most bathroom renovations in Canberra require construction and aesthetic attention. We have longstanding relationships with the right tradespeople for every element of your new bathroom. Whether you need plumbing moved, new electrical, paint, tiling, wall removal or new windows you can feel confident that only the best workers will be involved in your project.

We pride ourselves on providing smart, stylish and stress free bathroom renovations in Canberra. It's likely if you're looking to renovate, that it's due to existing frustrations with your current bathroom. It’s time for this space in your home to feel relaxing and comfortable. Maybe it’s a matter of the colour (you have no idea why the previous homeowner chose wall-to-wall purple?), or it's a leaky shower or perhaps the teeny tiny singular window that makes you feel claustrophobic every time you enter. Whatever the case, we will listen to your design ideas and structural concerns and from the first to the last step, transform your bathroom space.

Have total confidence in your bathroom renovation process in Canberra

We are licensed with both the ACT and the NSW so you can feel confident that as we transform your bathroom and help you to create a little slice of bathroom nirvana, every structural detail will be considered. Your new bathroom will be lovely, but even more importantly, you can feel confident that any safety issues were addressed and resolved.

And of course let’s not forget the fun part: selecting your perfect dream bathroom design. Whether you are drawn to a contemporary, classic, rustic or glamourous aesthetic, our professional staff will assist you in achieving the look you’ve dreamed of, creating a space that induces feelings of peace and relaxation with no more stress or discomfort.

Do-it-yourself projects should be fun and exciting, but if this one has kept you from realising your design aesthetic and more importantly, relaxing in your tub then it’s time to call us! Truly we are ‘Canberra's own bath specialists, and we will transform your space with one of our unique and lovely bathroom renovations in Canberra.