Transform your space in Canberra with new tiling and your bathrooms will feel luxurious again

You can't take it again. You seriously can't take stubbing your toe on a broken tile even one more time as you make your way to your tiny, leaky shower!

You’ve all but given up on your second bathroom, known these days as “the closet” due to its overwhelming demand for repairs. When you purchased your charming old home, you loved its character. But something must change. These unbearable spaces in your Canberra home with their broken tiling and other bathroom challenges are making you grumpy.

When you have questions in Canberra about tiling and bathrooms, call on the Bathroom Company for answers. Licensed with the ACT and NSW our projects encapsulate beautiful design and skilful structural work. Whether you're dealing with asbestos removal or want your walls moved we will make sure it happens safely and expediently.

With over two decades of working with the best tradesmen, we can assure you that in Canberra, we can resolve your tiling and bathroom's aesthetic and inefficiency.

We enjoy providing smart, stylish and stress free bathroom transformations that appeal to your unique aesthetic. Whether you’re attracted to marble, mosaic, ceramic, terracotta, granite or slate, let us help you realise the bathroom of your dreams.

Call on us in Canberra for tiling and your bathroom’s update. No more toe-stubbing on broken tiles or coping with awkward leaky shower spaces. Let us help you create a peaceful and serene space in your home that draws you in and provides you with a luxurious experience every day.